See the advantages and disadvantages among competitors

Compare many companies at once
Higher turnover and retention
Save time on business & product development
Get access to an updated database
Use the system 24/7, as well as from a pc, mac, mobile, tablets, etc.


Areas of application

comadso already contains the time-consuming comparisons that are updated daily and therefore you can quickly get a market overview and inspiration.

First select the insurance product then the competitor and then comadso lists each companies’ product advantages and disadvantages.

First select the insurance product, then the competitor the customer has switched to, after which comadso lists the degradation the customer will experience with the new company.

First select the insurance product and then the insurance providers to compare among, after which comadso lists each of the companies’ product advantages and disadvantages.

Select the insurance product and insurance providers and train the staff how you can make a difference for customers at product level.

comadso can be easily and conveniently prepare your new quality terms and conditions. If it is resource-intensive for you, we can provide new market conformity conditions within a few days.

comadso can, before you launch your new product, add your new terms and conditions into the system and then you can see how the product stands in competition with other companies.

If you would like comadso training, we can be booked to take small or large groups.

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Get complex knowledge in seconds

Comparative software for sales, staff development, as well as product and business development

Every day we go through 20,000 pages of insurance terms and conditions

New policies and retain even more customers through comparative advantages

Look up where you insure and cover better than your competitors


Available on multiple platforms

No matter where you are, if you have Internet access, you can always access the system.