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At Comadso, we provide solutions that enable insurance companies to get a real-time and always up-to date overview of their own product offerings and how they compare to competitors

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What is Comadso

We update our real-time database daily with changes from insurance companies, including ad hoc terms and conditions updates. This allows our customers to closely track developments in insurance products worldwide. At the core of our system is advanced software that can compare the terms and conditions of insurance companies, highlighting both the advantages and disadvantages for the consumer.

Why Comadso

Comadso has analyzed insurance products and developed real-time software that compares conditions and identifies strengths and weaknesses in relation to customer needs, values, and lifestyle. This enhances customer service, boosts sales, and reduces discounts and customer attrition for both new and existing customers, meaning that customers prioritize content over price to maintain security.

Our solutions

Comadso offers three different solutions tailored to specific client needs

Comparison Tool

Reduce the price spiral and the negative consequences of being compared to cheaper providers.

Online Tool

Eliminate low conversions due to your products being more expensive than others.

Terms & Condition

Avoid outdated terms and conditions that can’t compete and result in lost sales and rescues.

We also offer various professional services to support and increase the value of our solutions

Our clients

More than 50 insurance companies across Europe are growing their business with Comadso

Comadso’s current clients are insurance companies located in Europe.
Our solutions are used by insurers, agencies, tied agents, brokers and banks.

Our first solution was introduced to Danish clients in 2010 and today,
Comadso is Europe’s leading provider of solutions for insurance product comparison.

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