comadso A/S is Scandinavia’s leading analytical company within insurance comparison. With its head office in Copenhagen, comadso services insurance companies, by ensuring companies access to comadso’s insurance database, where our customers can compare themselves on a daily basis with competitors and so see the product advantages and disadvantages among insurance companies, which can then be used for various business initiatives in the following areas: business development, training and marketing, as well as customer sales and retention.


With roots in the insurance industry, comadso’s staff update our insurance database on a daily basis with insurance companies’ daily product updates in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Poland and Czech Republic. comadso saves insurance companies time and money. There are many large and small non-transparent and complex differences in identical insurance products among two or more insurance companies. The consumer must never have cause to believe that it is immaterial whether you choose one or other insurance company. comadso´s database clearly documents, see all companies’ insurance terms and product sheets, that a covered claim in one insurance company can easily be rejected in another company.

comadso increases the level of a sales adviser’s competence, which means that the adviser will develop abilities to articulate, describe and explain to the consumer about the critical cover and risk differences. This consumer perspective supports decision-making and so makes the decision phase easier for the consumer. It also means that the consumer is going to relate themselves even more to cover and quality, rather than price and excess, which is both for the benefit of consumers and insurance companies. Insurance contents in comadso is always a snapshot of how insurance products work here and now. A comparison today between two or more companies’ similar insurance products may change tomorrow, when/if only one insurance company changes minor or major elements of their insurance products to the advantage or disadvantage of the consumer. That is why the daily updating of our complete insurance-DNA in conjunction with our totally unique proprietary software can compare a lot of data from comadso´s database.


Our goal is that on a daily basis our customers experience that we simplify one of the most complex consumer products that exists in the Western world, by analyzing insurance products daily from being opaque to be: transparent, resulting in cost reductions due to time savings and higher conversion rates for our clients due to competence, knowledge and professionalism.


In 2002/2003, Exam was founded. Business insurance agent, Rasmus Meineke (b. 1966), his consulting company changed direction to insurance comparison in 2009, when a need was expressed from the insurance industry to have easy access to an updated database to be able to compare insurance companies’ products. The name was changed to comadso A/S in 2015, while investor Christian Hoff with a 5% stake, sat as Chairman of the Board for the company and with insurance staff at the head office from both Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Poland and Czech Republic, comadso is represented in the 6 european countries.

comadso is a contraction of three words: COMparative ADvantage, SOftware.